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Toupee Jeff

...The man under the wig

ToupeeJeff is a skilled concert pianist who is trying to maintain his musical integrity while playing with the Edible Nightmares. Seth G. found him working at a prestigious strip joint in the Transylvanian Mountains. He was still wet behind the ears so Seth taught him how to do the naughty dance and Toupee took a job as a dancer at the club. He made enough money to go back to the states with Seth, where they began a Nerd Rock group called the Edible Nightmares.

ToupeeJeff enjoys classical music, opera, nerd rock, very large women, and cheese sticks. He spends most of his time at the piano or peddling on the New York City Subways. He is known for changing into various super-heros such as "Touchy-Feely Guy" or the ever popular "Cheese-Man".

ToupeeJeff plays piano, keyboards,organ, sings, dances, and makes lunch for the Edible Nightmares. He hopes to one day evolve into pure energy and become overlord of the universe. He knows that he has a while to go, but is convinced that his hairloss is definately some sort of sign of rapid acceleration.

Send ToupeeJeff some email whether you love him, hate him, or just plain want to have meaningless sex with him!