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Here are some links to sites we like and we know will brighten your day:

Artists we like(and wish we were more like):

  • They Might Be Giants!
  • Ben Folds Five
  • Jonathan Richman
  • A Halo Called Fred
  • Brian Dewan
  • Devo
  • Mark Eitzel
  • Man...Or Astroman?
  • Pavement
  • Yo La Tengo
  • Guided By Voices
  • Big Star

    Other neat music sites:

  • Oculus Magazine
  • WFMU
  • The Guitar Bar
  • The Internet Underground Music Archive
  • The Ultimate Band List!
  • Bar None Records
  • Matador Records
  • Blue Man Group
  • Real Audio
  • CD Now

    More links to come!!!!