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Elior Shiloh

Elior is the typical "tough guy." He has known the Edible Nightmares since they were in diapers(they still occasionally wear them), and claims to be our roadie and/or bodyguard. We let him think this because he wants so much to be in the band, but he can't play anything. He is a real tough wrestler and claims that the likes of Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, and Rowdy Rodney Piper our his role much for acheivements!

Some of his hobbies are: picking on defenseless Freshman, participating in the bohemian sports of wrestling, paintball, and beer guzzling, going to Six Flags constantly, listening to the wonderful music of the Edible Nightmares, thinking he's a member of the band, picking on ToupeeJeff, and maintaining his status as a stud.

Send him someE-Mail if you would like to wrestle him to the death.